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Antoni Pinent


Dirk Schaefer


Spain / Switzerland / Germany.
 2008-2013, 22’, Color, Sound, 35mm.

Original Source:

‘Grease’, Randal Kleiser (1978)


What the hell is G/R/E/A/S/E?
… a handmade décollage film / Vinyl and Celluloid Party / the last piece of the “Film Quartet” trilogy [with FILM QUARTET / POLYFRAME (2006-2008) & KINOSTURM KUBELKA / 16 variaciones (2009)] / a deconstruction / Sandy / Danny / Sanny / Dandy / … both faces at the same frame? / […] […] / A new (sub)versions film… all from the original Grease (1978) / a Re-Play [to – with] Grease? / A Musical? / Found Footage Film ≠ Appropriationism / Experimental Cinema must be serious only? / Inspired by Dziga Vertov, Mimmo Rotella, Christian Marclay, Pablo Ferro, Paul Sharits, etc. / The challenge to go further with the “Film Quartet” technique (35/4) / about identities / homoerotic reflexion […]

Starring Olivia Travolta (as Sanny Olsen), John Newton-John (as Dandy Zuko) and the mysterious Scratch Girl.

Official Screenings (selected)

· as Work in Process. 1st Biennial Moving Image (BIM. Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento) (Buenos Aires, Argentina. October – November 2012)
· World Premiere. Official Program. 8th Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. April 2013)
· European Premiere. Official Program. Special Screening. Comp. 15th Media Art Biennale. WRO 2013: PIONEERING VALUES (Wrocław, Poland. May 2013)
· Official Program. Experimental Competition. 21st Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (Vila do Conde, Portugal. July 2013)
· Asian Premiere. Official Program. International Competition. 10th EXiS Experimental Film & Video Festival (Seoul, South Korea. September 2013)
· Official Program. Experimenta Section. 57th BFI London Film Festival (London, UK. October 2013)
· Spain Premiere. Official Program. Competition Section. 20th L’Alternativa. Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain. November 2013)
· Official Program. Competition. Section: ‘Avant-Garde & Genre’. 16th BAFICI (Buenos Aires, Argentina. April 2014)
May-June 2014)
· Official Program. 52nd VIENNALE. Vienna International Film Festival (Vienna, Austria. October-November 2014)
· Official Program. International Competition. 5th BIEFF. Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania. December 2014)

Brief notes

<<I have to say it made me a bit proud when I saw Antoni Pinent’s wonderful new film G/R/E/A/S/E – as if a message I had sent out into the world – a message in a can – had arrived and yielded new fruit. Despite its affinity to my own conception of the art of film, I started wondering, how in the world did he do it?!? It’s always a good sign when I start asking myself this. The visual splendor of G/R/E/A/S/E is breathtaking. Go watch and enjoy this amazing work – and start wondering, how in the world did Antoni pull it off !?!?>> [Peter Tscherkassky, June 04th 2013]

«I just got another movie role. I play an art teacher in Grease. Eve Arden is the principal, and John Lindsay is somebody, and John Travolta, the star of Grease, is in it.» [Andy Warhol, June 1977]

Décollage, in art, is the opposite of collage; instead of an image being built up of all or parts of existing images, it is created by cutting, tearing away or otherwise removing, pieces of an original image. Examples include inimage or etrécissements and excavations. A similar technique is the lacerated poster, a poster in which one has been placed over another or others, and the top poster or posters have been ripped, revealing to a greater or lesser degree the poster or posters underneath.



Dr. Nessuno / Contradiction Frame

Technical features

1 Reel [604 meters / 1981 feets]
Cinematographic format: 35 mm| Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35 / Panavision |


Sound Stereo Dolby Digital [SRD]


John Newton-John (as Dandy Zuko), Olivia Travolta (as Sanny Olsen), Scratch Girl